Unique Benefits

SCMA Members' Insurance Trust offers unique benefits that you cannot find in the commercial market.

Surviving Spouse Benefit

The SCMA Members' Insurance Trust (MIT) is prepared to protect your spouse by including a SURVIVING SPOUSE BENEFIT. This benefit is provided to every member covered by MIT. This feature allows the covered spouse of a member to continue coverage without having to undergo additional underwriting.

Coverage can be continued on the member’s spouse as long as application is made within 31 days and the member & spouse have been continuously covered by MIT the previous three (3) years.

A surviving spouse may keep coverage until the sooner of:
  1. The surviving spouse becomes eligible for other group health insurance;
  2. The surviving spouse remarries;
  3. The plan ceases; or
  4. The last premium is paid.

Retirement Option

Members who have been covered by MIT continuously for the previous five (5) years and are at least 55 may retire with the plan. Application must be made within 31 days of the qualifying event in order to be eligible.

Life Insurance & Accidental Death and Dismemberment Included

All MIT plans include basic life insurance at no additional cost for all covered employees & physicians under the age of 70. Each primary insured is automatically enrolled for $10,000 in life insurance through Lincoln Financial.

Short-Term Disability

All Major Medical and HDHP MIT plans include short-term disability insurance at no additional cost for all non-physician covered employees.  Coverage is provided through Lincoln Financial. Short-term disability is not included with the MIT Preferred Plans.

Accident Insurance

All Major Medical and HDHP MIT plans include accident insurance at no additional cost for all covered employees and physicians.  Coverage is provided through Lincoln Financial. Accident coverage is not included with the MIT Preferred Plans.


 Contact the MIT Department at 1-800-327-1021 x240 for additional information!