SCMA MIT to Offer COBRA Administration Services in 2020

Thursday, January 02, 2020

Beginning in January 2020, SCMA MIT will offer COBRA administration services thru a partnership with Benefit Coordinators for MIT eligible benefits (medical and dental) at no additional cost to the group. Premiums for COBRA participants will be collected by Benefit Coordinators (unless otherwise noted by the MIT group) and paid directly to MIT. Groups who choose to have MIT administer COBRA will still see COBRA participants noted on their invoice but are not responsible for collecting premiums as this will be handled by Benefit Coordinators. MIT groups with an existing COBRA administrator can still keep this in place if they so choose. Premiums for COBRA participants will be noted on your invoice and the group will be responsible for remitting payment of premium for those members to SCMA MIT. Current MIT groups who partner already with Benefit Coordinators will not experience any interruption in service. Special pricing has also been made available for MIT groups to administer non-MIT COBRA eligible benefits to be paid by the participating employer groups. Please contact MIT with any questions.