We Make it Easy to Make Good Decisions

MIT provides our members with information to make healthy lifestyle choices and thoughtful health care decisions.

With our Interactive Map, you can find health care providers near you to ensure you receive the right care at the right price. With GoodRx, you can compare prices at pharmacies to ensure you’re paying the best price for your prescriptions. Our wellness blog provides our members with information to help them take their health into their own hands. Everyday choices can have a big impact on physical and mental wellbeing, and our resources will help you stay active, fit, and healthy.

Find A Provider

Life happens. Unexpected injuries or illnesses can change plans in an instant – MIT is here to help. Unnecessary emergency room fees can be avoided by finding an alternative, accessible treatment facility. Check our provider map and information to find the right care for the right cost.


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Health & Wellness Resources

  • Choosing Wisely

    Want to make good decisions regarding your healthcare? Choosing Wisely is a valuable resource on how to take control of your health and avoid unnecessary tests, treatments and procedures.

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  • HSA Bank

    On an HSA-qualified health plan with MIT? Want to open an HSA account to contribute funds to your employees? See how employers and individuals can set up their HSA account in just seconds.

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  • MUSC Virtual Urgent Care

    Need to be evaluated by a provider but your doctor’s office is closed and the ER is your only choice? Find out how you and your family can receive care in minutes from a MUSC provider and avoid the costly emergency room visit.

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Wishing Dads a Healthy Father’s Day

Celebrate the fathers in your life by encouraging them to make good lifestyle choices, in turn lowering their risk of health complications. According to the CDC, the top two causes of death among men are heart disease and cancer. At SCMA Members’ Insurance Trust, we want our members to feel their best, starting with healthy

June 15, 2020
Getting Your Medications While Flattening the Curve

Social Distancing—No Problem! Getting Your Medications While Flattening the Curve During these uncertain times, the CDC has recommended that we practice social distancing to prevent and lessen the spread of COVID-19. Social distancing means to try to stay at least 6 feet away (two arm lengths) from other people and avoid crowded areas. For Members’

May 1, 2020
American Heart Health Month

Every year, 1 in 4 Americans die from cardiovascular disease. In 2011 heart disease and strokes cost the United States $316.6 billion which equates to 1 in every 6 dollars spent on healthcare, according to the CDC. In South Carolina, heart disease was the leading cause of death amongst men and women and is ranked

March 3, 2020
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