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We offer a variety of plans to fit all SCMA members’ needs. MIT provides coverage for employers with two or more employees.

At the SCMA Members’ Insurance Trust, we are like family. Over the past 37 years at the SCMA, I have had the pleasure to watch us grow. We treat everyone with the same respect and compassion we’d want for our family members. Truly, MIT keeps our members at our core.

  • Linda Nelson
    Insurance Coordinator
    SCMA Members’ Insurance Trust


Find the best plan for your employees

Find out more about the plans MIT offers, and the benefits that accompany them. Your employees have options, and so do you – start here to find the best plans for your workplace.

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Average years a group
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Embedded Benefits

MIT offers group short term disability, basic life insurance (up to age 70), and accidental death & dismemberment to employers at no additional costs to contributions.

Supplemental Benefits

MIT offers group vision, accident, critical illness, hospital indemnity, and accidental death & dismemberment coverage to employers.


COBRA Coverage

Regardless of the participating employer’s size, MIT offers COBRA continuation coverage to all covered employees and covered dependents who qualify as “qualified beneficiaries” for purposes of COBRA. Find out more about access to COBRA for you employees.


Termination & Leave of Absence

Change happens. Requests to cease participation can be made at any time. Please login to our portal to access the forms to complete.



MIT is proud to offer direct access to health care resources through an online portal, providing members a streamlined process for finding information and completing. These forms include introduction to eligibility, plans, COBRA, Termination/Leave of Absence, and more.


Have questions? We have answers

Insurance can be difficult to navigate, but MIT is here to help. Our Frequently Asked Questions page provides an overview of some of our most common member questions.

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Some Common Employee FAQs

  • When can a participating employer request to terminate its coverage?

    Participating employers may cancel their participation in MIT at any point during the plan year. Requests for termination must be submitted in writing to MIT (not your insurance ...

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  • How Does Eligibility for Medicare Impact my Eligibility for COBRA Coverage?

    Eligibility for COBRA coverage may be affected if an individual is entitled to Medicare benefits.  an individual is considered to be “entitled” to Medicare upon the effective ...

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  • When does employee coverage terminate with MIT?

    All coverage terminates on the last day of the month. Thus, employees are covered until the end of the calendar month in which their employment with the participating employer ...

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