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Since 1981, the South Carolina Medical Association Members’ Insurance Trust has provided members with exemplary health insurance and customer service. Our commitment to providing personalized service to our members is what sets us apart.

For over 170 years, SCMA has provided invaluable benefits and support to physicians and our member groups. Our health plan, administered by MIT, has been instrumental in providing SCMA members access to affordable health coverage, exemplary customer service, and other embedded benefits for nearly 40 years.

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  • Marjorie Heggie
    CEO, SC Medical Association

We offer a variety of plan designs to fit our members’ needs and health care priorities and do so at rates that are often lower those available on the commercial market. Through MIT, our members can access a host of additional benefits and coverage options, including life insurance, a retirement option, short-term disability insurance, and an employee assistance program.

A great insurance plan is only worthwhile if it is paired with outstanding customer service. At MIT, our team takes the time to cultivate relationships with each of our members. We take pride in addressing your specific needs and questions.



Member Plans

Our Embedded Benefits

MIT offers a litany of embedded benefits that are exclusive to our members, including: surviving spouse benefits, retirement options and life and death insurance, and more.

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Some common FAQs

  • Can a participating employer opt to waive the waiting period for MIT coverage for a particular employee or group of employees?

    No. Each participating employer must select one waiting period that will apply to all of its employees. Current choices are: 1st day of the calendar month following date of hire...

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  • When can newly-hired employees enroll on the Plan?

    The 1st day of the month following the satisfaction of your participating employer’s waiting period or the 91st day of employment, whichever is earlier. Your participating ...

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  • If an employee or his or her spouse or dependents waive coverage, can they ever enroll in MIT again?

    Yes. If an eligible employee or his or her spouse or dependent has one of the qualifying events or meets the Plan’s special enrollment provisions, he or she will be able to ...

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