When does employee coverage terminate with MIT?

Wednesday, October 09, 2019

All coverage terminates on the last day of the month. Thus, employees are covered until the end of the calendar month in which their employment with the participating employer terminates or they become ineligible (e.g., switch from full-time to part-time status).  Premiums for employees whose coverage has terminated will only be credited back to the participating employer for periods following the later of the actual termination effective date or, if later, the last day of the calendar month prior to the date notice of cancellation is received by MIT.

If the participating employer ceases its participation in MIT, the effective date of such termination and the corresponding loss of coverage for all employees of that participating employer is the last day of the month in which such notice was received by MIT (not your insurance agent) at MITinfo@scmedical.org or P.O. Box 11188, Columbia, SC 29211, or the last day of any later month that is specified by the participating employer in its cancellation notice.