Supplemental Benefits

New Benefit Options Available


MIT is excited to announce partnerships with The Hartford and CEC to provide large group pricing to your employees for supplemental benefits. Employers can select to offer their employees Accident, Critical Illness, and Hospital Indemnity coverage provided by The Hartford and Vision coverage provided by Community Eye Care.


A Vision Plan for Everyone

Community Eye Care (CEC) is a unique alternative to traditional vision plans that is simple, flexible, and affordable for all employees. Each member has the freedom to choose the eyewear option that works best for them. Members can use their flexible eyewear allowance for prescription and non-prescription eyewear including sunglasses, safety glasses, and blue light blocking glasses.


A Simple Plan Design


CEC offers a unique plan design that is easy to explain to employees and easy for them to use their benefits. All CEC plans renew ever 12 months and include:

  • Eye Exam An annual routine eye exam with an optometrist or ophthalmologist.
  • Eyewear Allowance An annual allowance to use for prescription and non-prescription eyewear.
  • Contact Lens Fitting An independently covered, annual contact lens fitting.




Help Fill the Gaps


If you have a medical plan, you may also have a high deductible to pay before your coverage begins paying. Hospital Indemnity insurance works with Critical Illness and Accident insurance plans to offer a cost-efficient way for you to fill in more of the financial gaps. With these plans, The Hartford offers a suite of services to help protect and prepare you for life.





An unplanned hospital stay can have a big financial impact. You can put the right protections in place with Hospital Indemnity insurance, which we call Hospital Cash Benefits.


Of course your health insurance will help cover your medical costs. But these benefits help provide an added layer of financial protection for your other expenses.


The cash benefit is paid directly to you, and is independent from any claims or coverage provided by your medical insurance. It can lessen the burden of medical or personal expenses while you’re in the hospital.


Benefits include:

  •  First day hospital confinement: $1,000.
  •  Daily hospital confinement: $150.
  •  Daily ICU confinement: $300.
  •  An annual Health Screening Benefit of $100 per covered insured individual.
    This plan also pays for hospitalizations due to maternity!

Watch this educational video which explains the benefits and features of Hospital Indemnity insurance: THEHARTFORD.COM/LEARN/HOSPITAL





Facing a serious illness at any age can be challenging – physically, emotionally and financially. Primary health insurance may pick up some or most of the tab, but can still leave medical and other recovery expenses that add up quickly. Critical Illness insurance can provide a lump-sum cash benefit upon diagnosis of a covered illness that can be used however you choose.


These benefits help relieve financial strain with cash benefits for covered illnesses, like cancer, a heart attack, or stroke. You can use the money however you need.


Watch this educational video which explains the benefits and features of Critical Illness insurance: THEHARTFORD.COM/LEARN/CRITICALILLNESS





When an accidental injury like a fracture, dislocation or concussion interrupts your daily life, medical insurance protects you from doctor’s office and medical costs, but Accidental Injury Benefits provide an additional cash benefit after an accident.


With Accident insurance, you’ll receive payment(s) associated with a covered injury and related services. You can use the payment in any way you choose – from expenses not covered by your major medical plan to day-to-day costs of living such as the mortgage or your utility bills.


Watch this educational video which explains the benefits and features of Accident insurance: THEHARTFORD.COM/LEARN/ACCIDENT


Adding Value to Your Coverage

The Hartford Life Essentials offers members resources that can help while they’re actively at work – whether making big decicions, traveling, handling confusing paperwork or struggling emotionally. And for your loved ones, we offer support and resources when the unexpected happens.


Members enrolled in MIT’s medical coverage or supplemental benefits have access to The Hartford’s value-added services. The Hartford provides supplemental benefits that include Funeral Concierge Services, Estate Guidance, Ability Assist Counseling, Benefiticary Assist, Beneficiary Management, Travel Assistance, and Identity Theft Supoort services. These services provide professional guidance for funeral arrangements, legal support, emotional and financial counseling, and travel assistance, among other benefits. These services are available 24/7/365 and include phone access, face-to-face sessions, and online support.


Learn more about The Hartford’s Value-Added Services.