All MIT plan designs include the following benefits at no additional cost to the participating employer:

  • Life Insurance Policy View
  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) View
  • Short Term Disability Coverage View
  • Surviving Spouse Benefit
  • Retired Staff Benefit

You may enroll in benefits when you select your plan coverage during the annual open enrollment period that usually occurs in December prior to the start of each Plan Year. After the open enrollment period, changes to your benefits can only occur if you qualify for a special enrollment event such as:

  • Change in your legal marital status,
  • Change in number of your dependents,
  • Change in employment status or work schedule of you, your spouse or your dependent,
  • Change in your dependent’s eligibility to participate in a MIT benefit due to attainment of age or change in full-time student status, or
  • Change in place of residence for you, your spouse or dependent.

Failure to notify MIT within 31 days of the above special enrollment events may result in your ability to make changes to your MIT benefits coverage.

Benefit claim forms can be found here.